Master-Studiengänge der Informatik

How to use the HTML slides (click)…
  • Use the keys left/right for navigating through the slides.
  • Click icon (top left) to open the navigation menu.
  • Press f/ESC to enter/leave fullscreen mode.
  • Double-click an item (e.g. an image) to zoom in/out.
  • If the bottom boundary flashes on slide change, something was written on the virtual whiteboard.
    • Scroll down to see it.
  • For the embedded lecture videos:
    • Use button (top right) to start the video at the current slide.
    • Esc: Close the video and returns to the slides.
    • Space/k: Play/pause video.
    • j/l: Jump backward/forward by 10 seconds.
    • Double Tap near left/right border (on tablets): Jump backward/forward by 10 seconds.
    • Double Tap near center (on tablets): Toggle play/pause.
    • Left/Right: Jump backward/forward by one slide.
    • Up/Down: Increase/decrease the volume by 5%.
    • m: Mute/unmute video.


Date Topic Slides
18.10.2022 Introductory Event HTML, PDF
24.01.2023 Info Event HTML, PDF